About Me

I am an avid baker and healthy convert. I am also a self-confessed "foodgawker." I could just gawk all day long... One thing you will not see on my blog though is exercising. I hate running and almost all forms of exercise with a passion, although I am working slowly, but surely to change that. Outside of the food world I am a student and soon I will be studying Accounting. (Yay for Math!)

If you have any questions about me, baking, blogging or healthy eating, ask away!


  1. Hey, Gorgeous!

    I love math, too! And baking. And health-lover. Girl, we are so much alike! I absolutely ADORE your blog. :D

    Do you like to play as exercise, as in ride your bike or dance? Do you like to swim? Do you care for workout videos or workout/dance classes? You don't have to be a runner to be fit. Shopping, babysitting, throwing a ball around: depending on the intensity, you can always consider those exercise! It's really just about getting your muscles moving. :)

    I really like weight lifting and Jillian Micheal's circuit training workout DVDs. I'm not a "runner," but I do enjoy mixing up my routine with some running thrown in -- it keeps it interesting. Do you like hiking? I really like hiking because you can admire the beauty of the nature as you get fit.


  2. @KatsHealthCorner- During the summer I am more active with swimming, riding my bike and working around the house. During the fall I was in volleyball and color guard, but those are both over now forever! Let's see, your other questions... I love dancing, I just finished a 1/2 hr with Just Dance 2 and am playing Just Dance 3 later tonight again.

    I have Jillian Micheal's "No More Trouble Zones" dvd which I did once. It was better than most other dvds because it kept changing, like Zumba which I also like, but in a class, not dvd format.

    I'm trying really hard to exercise, that's my new years resolution I think. Just to be more active.

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  4. You are awesome! Your description fits me to a tee!!! lol

  5. Cute blog :) That's great that you love math, it's a beautiful subject in its own little way. Remember you don't need to go to the gym or follow a set exercise routine. Just have a dance party with your friends, that's a heck a lot of exercise ;)

    1. I do love math! Thanks for stopping by. Recently I've been exercising with my Wii on Just Dance. I should probably do a post about it soon, and maybe update this page :D

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    Lovin' the blog! But I am pretty bias about anything peanut butter = )

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