Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So, up until this point my posts have been one recipe only. After looking through Kat's Health Corner and LactoseFreeLizzie's gorgeous eats however, I decided to check out what WIAW was all about!

And here is my first WIAW... (tell me if I did it wrong)

This morning I had to go to the hospital to have some blood work and an ultrasound done. Yay! Needles. Apparently before an ultrasound you are not allowed to eat or drink anything after 12:00 pm the night before. I'll post more about the results later. For now though, just know that the only thing on my mind was FOOD. I was famished by the time we were done, and more than ready to eat breakfast. The technician said that food tastes better after not being able to eat for a few hours. Right she was...
Egg beaters, unsalted sunflower seeds and fruit salad (170)

Today I tried to use up some of our miscellaneous veggies and leftovers from Christmas lunch at my Grandma's, which explains my turkey soup. I found the cookie dough cake recipe from LactoseFreeLizzie. I've been having stomach issues lately whenever I eat dairy (lactose intolerance maybe...?) so I have been looking at her blog for ideas until my test results come back.
Soup made from leftover turkey, water, veggies and garlic/onion powder (123)
LactoseFreeLizzie's Cookie Dough Cakes made with apple chunks. Topped with peanut butter! (139)

My parents finally let me eat some Greek yogurt today, to see if it affects me at all. About 10 minutes later my stomach got all bubbly, but no pain, so we'll see what happens next!
Baby carrots with peanut butter. (93)

Cooked apple chunks topped with Greek yogurt and cinnamon. (85)

I just love Baked Falafel!
Pita bread with falafel and tomato sauce. Turkey and sunflower seeds on the side. (283)

Unpictured: Protein cookie dough cereal from Fitnessista and a few nibbles. (222 calories)

I should have mentioned by now that I have an obsession with peanut butter... I just thought my blog's title was pretty self explanatory. Below are some really low-cal snacks (1/4 c. cereal + 3/4 tbsp = 110 cal). The microwave muffin is based off of an idea from LactoseFreeLizzie's idea: 1/4 cup flour + almond milk + 1 Tbsp grain-sweetened chocolate chips + 1 tsp peanut butter = 175 calories... Microwave for 45 seconds to achieve DELICIOUSNESS)
Kashi Go Lean cereal with peanut butter. (110)

Healthy microwave chocolate chip muffin with peanut butter. (175)
Made more because yesterday's got soggy! (210)

And that concludes my WIAW... unless I have another snack before bed, which is very likely! (Edited to add: I did have an apple peel and some more bites of my apple cookie dough cakes- Totally healthy of course!)

*Finishing Mission Impossible III as we speak  I write*


Tomorrow I will post my recipe for healthy sugar cookies so stay tuned to be ah-mazed!!!

Question #1: Have you done WIAW yet? Any tips or suggestions for a newbie?

Question #2: Are you lactose intolerant? When did you discover it and what were your symptoms?

Question #3: Have you watched the new Mission Impossible yet? I personally can't wait. I love action flicks!


  1. Congrats on your first WIAW :) Your eats look great! I am lactose intolerant, though I grew out of it at 8 or 9, it came back as an adult. I got very sick after having a milkshake one. It spread to other things like foods heavy in dairy and even yogurt at times. It caused stomach pain, bloating and the likes and I even got headaches sometimes.

  2. Welcome to WIAW! Great first post :)

  3. Welcome to the WIAW party! :) Loving your eats! :D PB and carrots are a great snack!

  4. YAY! Welcome to the wonderful WIAW party! I'm crazy for your eats--carrots and pb is one of my favorite combos too :) and your breakfast is making me drool, I LOVVVEEE starfruit and sunflower seeds!!

  5. @Rebecca- I really hope I'm not lactose intolerant because greek yogurt and whey is my life. Haha...

    @Jessica- Thanks for the warm welcome.

    @Shannon- I'm glad someone else like pb and carrots. All of my friends think I'm wierd!

    @Alexandra- I love my peanut butter!

  6. Welcome to the WIAW train! I always forget to take pictures of all my food on Tuesday so I can post them on Wednesday haha

  7. @Kristabel- Oh! Is that how you're supposed to do it? That makes a lot of sense. I just updated this post as I took more pictures...

  8. woot woot for wiaw! and there is no right way to do it :) so you're just fine.

    i'm sort of lactose intolerant. this might seem weird, but it's worse for me at night. and it's also worse for warm milk

  9. I am certain that I am lactose intolerant (and dairy intolerant). My parents had to switch me over to a soy-based formula when I was a baby because the milk-based gave me stomach aches. A couple years ago, I noticed that I would always get a stomach ache after my afternoon snack (which was always plain yogurt with ground flax, a chopped apple, Grapenuts cereal, cinnamon, and vanilla extract). When I cut dairy out, my stomach aches disappeared. Then, I thought I'd try some whey protein and see if that affected me. After using it for a while, I noticed that my face was breaking out (acne) ALL over. When I cut that out, my face cleared up almost instantly.

    Now, I try to avoid dairy and I feel so much better now that I do. Some things I like to use are almond milk, tofu + frozen fruit or soy yogurt in place of reg yogurt, and frozen bananas whipped up in a blender in place of ice cream. I'm not a big fan of the alternative cheeses, so I just don't buy them. They do have lactose-free milk that has the lactase enzyme added. You could try that to see if it is just the lactose or the protein in dairy that's affecting you.

    You did WIAW perfectly! And girl, a peanut butter obsession is nothing to be ashamed of. :)

  10. @Haley- Thanks. I always felt like WIAWs were this big mystery. I'm still not sure about it, but I'll definitely do it again!

    @KatsHealthCorner- I do have acne, and I use whey protein powder, but I'm not sure that they are linked. I didn't eat dairy at all yesterday and I felt much better, but my parents are convinced that it's an antibiotic I have been taking for my face because I also haven't had my period for a while. Who knows? Thanks for commenting on your experiences!