Saturday, December 31, 2011


New Years lists are so... cliche, right? I completely agree, so that is why my list is not going to be just for 2012, but also BEYOND. Okay, so they are basically the same thing, but the principal behind my list is so much bigger for me.

You see, I only have one goal for 2012.

I know what you're thinking: "What? One goal? (Is she insane?)"

Nope, at least, I don't think so...

Any guesses as to what it would be? It's not the usual ones like losing weight, eating healthier, EXERCISING MORE, or even reading more books, although these are all worthy accomplishments.

Mine is simple: Be Proactive.

You see, I am not your average high school girl. I would rather be at home reading than going to watch a basketball game (last night I had to succumb however and read a book AT A GAME). Instead of wanting to go hang out with friends (which I promise, I have plenty), I would really rather be at home blogging or watching tv. Instead of going out to eat, I would much prefer staying at home and baking.

You might be thinking of a word in particular to call me. Some would say "home-body" and others would be not so kind and use the word LAZY. Both would be accurate desriptions in their own right, but not completely correct.

I don't always like to stay at home, because I do like to experience new things. For example: Whole Foods and Disney World, both of which are more than an hour away and require more than stepping outside my house... Duh!

I'm also not lazy really. I just don't find fun in the same things as everyone else. For another "I would rather," I would rather discuss Leonardo Dicaprio or The Hunger Games with a friend than the latest school gossip. Can you really blame me for that one?

So, with all of these things that I would RATHER not do (Are you getting tired of that phrase yet?) what exactly does my goal entail? It probably seems like I will never change my ways, but that's precisely what I want to do in 2012.... and Beyond.

There are many aspects to this goal, and specific activities that I want to check off so that I can complete this goal:

1. Exercise for fun, for my well-being, for my health, and for my happiness. I generally dislike exercise, not in all forms, but in most. However, exercising doesn't have to be just running or killing myself in a really hard, really UNFUN workout. I want to do exercises in 2012 that I find fun, like dancing, swimming and my ultimate wish of rock-climbing (It just looks so awesome!). In the past I've found that I generally do feel better and happier when I exercise. Now I just have to get off my couch and do it!

2. Blog more regularly. When I started blogging, I had all of these great big plans about how I was going to post everyday, and after looking at blogs for so long before starting my own, I think I took on too much all at once. Over break I have discovered some blogs of people my own age, and I've realized that not all of my posts have to be super long, have a groundbreaking discovery or some foodgawker-changing recipe. I just need to be myself and blog what I'm feeling, because that's what this is all about. And with this discovery, I think I am ready to start posting more frequently and consistently.

3. Make myself WANT to go out. Being proactive means that I need to do more things and not sit around waiting for something to happen. In 2012, when a friend invites me to go do something with them, my goal is to find the fun and positive in the idea and say "Yes." Normally when I go out with friends, it turns out better than I thought it would. After awhile hopefully I'll acquire enough positive experiences that social events will become second nature to me. Hopefully.

 4. Be proactive about school matters. In my last year of high school, I want to set the groundwork for my schoolwork college, and that means no procrastinating, and no slumping in the SENIOR slooopppppeee (that's "slope" for those who can't read Slow Speak :S). Basically when I get an assignment or need to study for a test, I need to get started on it that day, no waiting, no excuses.
5. Be proactive about college. I have tons of scholarship and financial aid deadlines coming up. I need to work on these pronto.

6. Make some money. In college I'll need to buy books, food, etc. This requires money, and to get money I need to get a job. This is my least favorite part of this goal list, but probably the most necessary because I'll need money all of my life, and a job really really really helps to earn money (Really!). I've been putting this off for a while and 2012 is the year where I'm actually going to do it, because it's no longer an option.

7. Read my bible more often. This sounds incredibly cheesy, I know. But God has been there through thick and thin with me and the least I can do is try and read his word more often, and not put it off until tomorrow. Even just a random passage (like DESPAIR above^^^^) can help me in tough times.

8. Be proactive about my emotions and problems. This will be hard because I tend to bottle things up, but this year I want to face my issues with people head on. No fluff. No pretending. I'm not going to be mean about, but if something is bothering me, I want to be able to speak up. I also want to answer questions more honestly. Bottling up my thoughts and problems is terrible for my health. I'm not going to share everything, but I want to be more open and receptive to others.

And last but not least....

9. Keep on doing what I love: Reading, Writing, Nutrition and Math. These are my four loves that will never go away. In 2012 I need to be proactive and embrace each one. These four things are my constant in a world of motion, they are my rock when things get tough, and they are simply what I love to do!

Of course, there are also tons of little things that I would love to accomplish in 2012, like running another 5k even though I hate running, keeping myself organized even though I am not what you'd call a neat freak, being kinder to my brother, etc. etc. That's why I am also going to have an opened ended Number 10! This will encompass the unexpected and everything else that I either forgot or was too LAZY to add. I need to be proactive about life and take things as they come, jump on new chances and take every new opportunity with a positive attitude.

10. _________________________

Here is to 2012! Happy New Years BLOGGER WORLD!


What are your goals for 2012? Comment below and/or post a link to your blog if you wrote about it.

Getting a head start on 2012, I am going to tackle Number 8: Do you have any serious questions to ask me? I know I haven't been blogging very long, and I'm not very close with any of you, but I'd like to become friends with other bloggers like me. In the short time that you have been reading my blog (or just this post) is there anything you want to know about me or my journey to health?


  1. Awesome goals! I especially love #7, God is so amazing, isn't He? :) There's no doubt in my mind 2012 is gonna be great for you! I cant wait to read all about it!

  2. I know how you feel about doing other things than going out, in high school I forced myself to do things when I would RATHER be doing something else, my best advice is to do what makes you happy and you'll never go wrong! Happy New Year!

  3. Excellent goals for the upcoming year! Kudos to you on being so goal oriented for the upcoming year, I wish I'd been as goal oriented when I was in high school and just sat down and reflected more. You will regret not going out more and spending time with friends, so make sure to spend plenty of time with them and never forget school. I actually got a scholarship from one of those 'deadline' scholarships that paid completely for my first two years of college. So worth it!

    You reminded me of a goal I forgot to add to my list-rereading my Bible. In high school I was good about reading the entire Bible every year and I need to go back throguh. I read lots of nonfiction Christian books, but not enough of the Bible itself.

    Go you and have a wonderful new year!

  4. Happy New Year! I love your goals and know you can do them! In my opinion, exercising and blogging should be FUN, and that's how I look at them both. I'm lucky to enjoy running, but there are SO MANY forms of exercise out there.. Have you looked into lifting? A lot of people LOOOVE it and it's so different than most forms of exercise. Also, savour your last semester in high school! I barely remember mine, but I wish I had done more memorable things.

  5. Hey! im new to your blog! :) totally love this and how you wrote it all out!! i love how you said you rather discuss decaprio and hunger games.
    Honey, i'm the exact same way!

  6. Themes for resolutions are so great! They always make me feel like I succeed even when my focus falls a little by the wayside. My theme this year, get fit in 2012. Maybe 2013 should be my proactive year.

  7. Happy 2012 to you too! :) I hope this New Year is a great one for you and that you achieve all your goals!