Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My first WIAW last week went so well that I decided I had to participate again. Everyone's comments were so kind and supportive and I got to meet tons of new blogging friends. Thanks Jenn!

That was over Christmas break however, where it was much easier to take pictures of everything I ate. The show must go on though, so I am posting my breakfast, lunch and dinner first. I will update this post later with my snack-age (the best part in my personal opinion!).

I appreciate any feedback, comments or questions (even vegan or vegetarian substitutions) regarding my blog or WIAW. Enjoy.

You may recognize this picture from yesterday because I reused it, but my breakfast looked exactly like this again today! It's just that good :)

Sugar-free chocolate pancakes topped with peanut butter and served with scrambled egg beaters.

This is what my lunch normally looks like every weekday. I love Bento boxes, especially my own personal Laptop Lunch Box! I use it all of the time because it keeps my food so organized and neat. Plus, it has special compartments with lids for fruits, veggies, etc. It even has a container for salad dressings (which is unpictured because I didn't use it today).

So, here is what was in my Bento box- TL (top left): Carrots and peanut butter, TR: Apple slices, BL (bottom left): Salad with diced chicken, onions, peppers, lettuce (of course!) and tortilla pieces, BR: plain popcorn.

Handful of whole, natural almonds:

This is what I had for dinner last night, but it was so tasty that I just had to use it for today's WIAW!

Deconstructed : grilled burger (made with lean beef, diced tomatoes, onions, peppers and mushrooms), topped with tomato sauce and I used homemade socca for the bread. Almonds on the side.

I had another burger for supper tonight, except I made this one with beef, black beans and onions. I ate this one bunless however, topped with tomato sauce. Sunflower seeds to crunch on!

Part of an apple, bitter chocolate cake made with banana and topped with peanut butter. I also had Lactose Lizzie's cookie dough cakes with applesauce and blueberries.

Honey crisp apple!
I made the dough for the apple cookie dough cakes in a tall bowl- Much less messy!

From Spoonful of Sugar Free

Second WIAW complete. Well, almost, as soon as I post my snack pictures!

You may notice from the past few days that my food has been essentially lacking in one important thing: DAIRY! For the past week whenever I eat any sort of dairy, citrus or high-fiber food it sends my stomach into a fit. It gets all bloated and starts to hurt. A few times I even started feeling nauseous and hot.

I went to the doctor a few days ago to address this problem and she then sent me to the hospital for more tests. Blood work, ultrasound, etc. All came back perfectly normal so I am going to have another ultrasound tomorrow and I've got two more doctor's appointments scheduled for this month. One if for an OBGYN, and the other is for my Dermatologist. My mom thinks my stomach problems are all resulting from the amoxil that I have been taking for my face. I stopped taking it a week ago as well and what do ya know.... My face has broken out! I guess that medicine has been doing it's job well.

I'm getting very frustrated though, because not eating dairy means I can't have any Greek yogurt or whey protein powder, protein staples in my diet. Oh well! More carbs for me :)

How are your New Years Resolutions coming along? I am definitely trying to follow my 2012 goal, which you can read more about here. I've been doing well with going sugar-free for the month, but my exercising has been slacking a little. I'm planning on making up for that tonight however, with Just Dance 3!

Do you like visiting the Doctor's? I've been going to the doctor's on a regular basis all my life for allergies and soar throats, so it doesn't really bother me. The only thing that bothers me now is that the diagnosis is taking so... long!

What do you think of my WIAW eats?


  1. I love your little bento box! So cute! Also, those pancakes look fab. I may have to try them as a snack sometime. Happy WIAW!

  2. That lunch storage box thing is wicked amazing! :D Your eats never fail to make my mouth water haha
    Happy first WIAW of 2012!

  3. I love your first pic! :)

  4. Glad you are joining WIAW again! Jenn rocks. :)

    AND you eat carrots and peanut butter too?! People always look at me strangely, but it's so good! I also like them in tahini.

  5. Love bento boxes! I always try to make them if I'm going away for a whole day, they look so pretty and make eating fun :D

  6. That lunch box is awesome and just what I need for all day classes yuck! I have to buy one hehe thanks for sharing!!

  7. I really want one of those bento boxes! It would be so handy! I'm really trying to pack my lunch more :)

  8. Hmm, maybe I should try carrots with peanut butter- I like it with celery.
    Thanks for your comment- my porridge was Dorset Cereals gingerbread porridge (but you could just use oats with ginger and cinnamon) drained small tin of peaches (drain away the juice) and some soya milk. Easy :)

  9. @Chelsea- Thanks, the pancakes are super easy to make! Please post a comment on that page if you try them and like them!

    @Alexandra- I love your eats too! The bento box is a life saver, even though I always get strange looks when I pull it out of my lunch box :)

    @Caloric and Crazy- Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Bananas, how could you go wrong with that?

  10. @Laura- My mom always gave them to us as a snack when we were younger. I didn't know until I brought them for lunch that it was so unusual! Still love 'em though!

    @Tryingfood- They are fun, however I can't compete with the Japanese moms who make their kid's lunches so cute and detailed!

    @MyTracks- I got mine at whole foods as a back-to-school present!

  11. @iheartvegetables- You should TOTALLY get one. They are so much fun!

    @Maria- Carrots and PB are great :) I have them as a snack almost everyday. We have to buy two bags of carrots a week just for me! I've never had peaches in my oatmeal before bu sounds delish!

  12. can you pack me bento box lunches too? ;) hehe

    happy wiaw!

  13. Great job on your second WIAW! Loved all your eats! :) Chocolate pancakes + peanut butter = AWESOME!! :)

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend!

  14. i love bento boxes!! :) all your eats look delicious.

    have an amazing rest of your weekend! :)